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Posted by Elisabeth Heigl on

Collaboration – User Management

Release 1.7.1

The Transkribus platform is designed for collaboration. So many users can work on a collection and even a document at the same time. Collisions should be easily avoided with a little organizational skill.

The two most important elements enabling organized collaboration are User Management and Version Management in Transkribus. User Management refers explicitly to the collections. The person who creates a collection is always its “owner”, meaning that he has full rights, including the right to delete the entire collection. He can grant other users access to the collection and assign them roles that correspond to different rights:

Owner – Editor – Transcriber

It is wise if more than one member of the team is the “owner” of a collection. All the rest of us are “editors”. Assigning the role “transcriber” is especially useful if you run crowd-projects where volunteers do nothing but transcribe or tag texts. For such “transcribers”, access via the WebUI, with its range of functions adapted to this role, is ideally suited.