WebUI & Expert Client

As we said before, this blog is almost exclusively about the Expert Client of Transkribus. It offers a variety of possibilities. To handle them it requires a certain level of knowledge.

The tools of the WebUI are much more limited, but also easier to work with. In the WebUI it is not possible to perform an automatic layout analysis or to start an HTR, let alone to train a model or to interfere in the user management. But that’s not what it’s meant for.

The WebUI is the ideal interface for crowd projects with a lot of volunteers who mainly transcribe or comment and tag content. And this is exactly what it is used for most of the time. The coordination of such a crowd project is done via the Expert Client.

The WebUI’s advantages are that it can be used without any requirements. It is a web application called from the browser; no installation, no updates, etc. Moreover, it is almost intuitive and can be used by anyone without any previous knowledge.


Tips & Tools
The WebUI has also a version management – somewhat adapted for crowd projects. When a transcriber is done with the page to be edited, he sets the edit status to “ready for review”, so that his supervisor knows that now it’s his turn.