Scanning and Structural Data

The Spruchakten of the Greifswald Law Faculty are scanned on Bookeye4 book scanners (Image Access) in combination with the scanning software UCC (Universal Capturing Client) by Intranda. UCC not only allows the capturing of structural data while scanning, but is also directly connected to the Goobi server (also by Intranda), where the digital processes of our project (except for handwritten text recognition) are controlled. Tasks already created in Goobi (Goobi-Vorgang) can thus be accessed in UCC, ‘filled up’ with image-files and associated structural data and then be exported to the Goobi server.

We scan consistently at 400 dpi and 24-bit color depth. The original files created are saved as uncompressed TIF files. For further processing and presentation at the Digital Library Mecklenburg-Vorpommern however they are copied as compressed JPG files.

UCC enables you to capture structural data during the scanning process. This means that the scan operator can already set a structural element for related pages of the file while scanning. Every single “Responsum” (meaning each legal case in the file) receives the structural element “Vorgang”. In the later editing of the metadata, we only have to add a descriptive main title.